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Inventory of metal products industry there are three major problems

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As a deep processing industry for steel production, in recent years, the metal products industry has grown rapidly with the vigorous development of China's national economy, especially with the tire industry and automobile manufacturing, highways and high-speed railway bridges and culverts, mining machinery Related products such as steel cord, PC products, wire, spring wire and so on. The output of major metal products in China increased from 9.63 million tons in 2005 to 1967 million tons in 2010 and dropped to 19.55 million tons in recent years (mainly due to the decrease in prestressed steel strand production). Relevant data show that in recent years, the average annual growth rate of metal products production rate of 15.4%, faster growth products are flux cored wire, steel cord, oil quenched and tempered spring steel wire, PC steel wire, high pressure hose Wait.

However, the vigorous development of China's metal products industry at the same time, the industry there is low product concentration, enterprises are scattered competition is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. To this end, the industry said that the metal products industry should improve product concentration, promote brand building, to break the industry due to decentralized competition led to poor business efficiency dilemma, while the industry should improve the access threshold, and should promote clean production.

Industry has three major problems

At present, China's metal products industry concentration is low, which led to serious competition in the diversification of enterprises, while product development, technology and other aspects of slow progress. Moreover, most of our metal products enterprises are small businesses, the production of equipment used by the lower level, resulting in the overall product industry to upgrade more difficult, and is not conducive to promoting energy conservation and clean production.

1. Product concentration is low and competitive

Although China's metal products business is developing rapidly, but blossom everywhere, resulting in a great waste of resources, technological progress is still very slow, the overall efficiency of products enterprises generally poor. Product concentration is low, agglomeration effect is poor. Industry, the current addition to steel cord products, the concentration of other products are low.

Wire rope production license issued more than 260, a certain scale to join the "2010 metal products business directory" of the enterprises have 112, in recent years the output of more than 100,000 tons of enterprises and only Guizhou rope (Group) Co., Ltd. and the wolf Hill Steel Group two companies, the remaining 110 production enterprises average production of less than 13,000 tons.

In recent years, there are a certain size of the PC strand production enterprises is about 55, more than 90,000 tons of production enterprises to 12, the largest steel wire strand production is about 230,000 tons, more than 60% of total output, The remaining 35 enterprises in the annual output of 30,000 tons to 50,000 tons; bead wire production enterprises 17, the largest enterprise production of 150,000 tons, the minimum production capacity of 13,000 tons; high pressure hose manufacturers 26, the largest enterprises Production of 35,000 tons, the minimum is only 0.1 million tons, an average of less than 06,000 tons each.

In the wire products, according to incomplete statistics within the industry authority, in recent years, China's domestic wire production enterprises about 200, the total production of various types of welding wire 2.16 million tons, of which 1.5 million tons of gas welding wire, 450,000 tons, submerged arc welding wire 200,000 tons. Large-scale welding production enterprises about 16 (output 40,000 tons / year), medium-sized enterprises around 90 (production 10,000 tons / year ~ 40,000 tons / year). The proportion of the total output of the welding rods in the top 5 enterprises was 13.1%, 10.7%, 10.4%, 7.6% and 6.2% respectively. The total output ratio of the flux cored wire in the top 5 of the flux-cored wire was 11.8%, 9.3%, 8.4%, 8.1% and 4.3% respectively. The total output ratio of submerged arc welding wire of submerged arc welding wire was 4.7%, 4.3%, 3.8%, 3.4% and 2.7% respectively. Several wire products show decentralized competition.

2. Raw materials can not meet the production needs of high-end products

In recent years, China's wire rod enterprises through structural adjustment and product upgrades, the basic quality of products to meet the demand, especially steel cord with wire rod and oil quenching and tempering spring steel 55CrSi wire rod, the quality of these two products are great Ascension. Steel cord wire rod localization rate has reached more than 90%, broken wire rate can reach 1 per 100 tons. However, the current situation, due to the lack of domestic high-end raw materials supply, become a bottleneck restricting the production of high-end products.

For example, the production of solar wafer cutting wire with wire rod, because the wire size is 0.12mm and 0.10mm, raw material wire rod dependent on imports; 55CrSi spring steel wire rod, divided into valve oil quenching and tempering spring steel wire rods and suspension Spring spring steel wire rods of these two categories, the valve spring due to the use of high temperature conditions, high pressure and high frequency of elastic deformation, the material becomes an important factor in the valve spring, the current domestic production rate of about 50%, the main import The country is Japan, South Korea and Germany, the main domestic production enterprises are Baosteel, Hangzhou Iron and Steel and Nanjing Steel; spring spring steel wire rods localization rate of about 90%, a small number of domestic joint ventures using imported wire rod, China's production enterprises Baosteel, Hanggang, Xingcheng Special Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Nanjing Iron and Steel, Xiangtan Steel and Xing Steel.

3. Process and equipment level uneven

In recent years, the domestic metal products manufacturing industry has a qualitative leap, but the enterprise tooling equipment is still uneven.

Overall, 40% of China's metal products business level reached the international advanced, mainly in the steel cord, cutting steel wire, bead wire, high pressure hose, PC steel wire, carbon dioxide gas welding wire and some high-grade wire rope products The production of enterprises, the use of mechanical stripping continuous production line, natural gas water (lead) bath heat treatment pickling continuous line, straight into the wire drawing machine, high-performance water tank drawing machine, double twister. And a considerable part of the wire rope manufacturers, low-carbon steel wire production enterprises, galvanized steel wire and spring wire enterprises, silk nail manufacturing enterprises, is still workshop-style production, the use of large pond pickling, pulley or large tank drawing machine drawing, Coal-fired muffle furnace lead bath (or normalizing) heat treatment, the production line is very short, the number of process line turnover.

Three recommendations on the development of the industry

In this regard, China's metal products industry experts and scholars on the industry and enterprises made the following three recommendations, with a view to solve the above problems in the industry.

First, improve product concentration, promote brand building. Enterprises should be market-oriented, and vigorously develop the metal products industry cluster construction, rational planning, centralized pickling, heat treatment, attention to environmental protection; strengthen enterprise technology center construction, and continuously improve the quality and improve product quality.

Second, the elimination of high energy consumption equipment, improve the access threshold for metal products. On the basis of summarizing the license system of steel wire rope and prestressed steel strand, the industry should implement the license management of other metal products, strengthen the industry management and avoid the vicious competition.

Second, the promotion of environmental protection and energy conservation technology, clean production. In the implementation process of the permit, the relevant enterprises supporting environmental protection and energy saving technology and clean production technology policy, out of serious pollution of the large pool of pickling and coal muffle furnace and other backward tooling equipment. In the national "iron and steel industry" 12th Five-Year "Development Plan" and "the current priority development of high-tech industrialization focus on the field of guidance (2011)" and other countries under the guidance of a series of policies in the production of metal products, production efficiency and equipment Incremental at the same time, industry and enterprises to achieve energy saving, clean production.

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