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Good policy to the hardware market prospects for future prospects

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"These days, metal products with the drawing, fasteners with cold heading steel sales than before increased a lot, mostly metal products manufacturers to purchase." Shanghai specializes in industrial wire, cold heading steel Shanghai Bao Summer Trade and Industry Development Co., Ltd. clerk recently told reporters that the case said. Another Shanghai Steel Trade Company sales staff said that the National Day before the week, the company's wire drawing sales increased by three percent, the price did not fall, for example, drawing material (Q195) price of 3450 yuan / ton ~ 3570 yuan / keep it steady.

Industry insiders told reporters that the metal products market with cautious optimism, and the state recently introduced the economy "steady growth" of many favorable policies, will benefit China's metal products industry development, driving demand, the market outlook is still worth the wait.

Favorable policy to force the metal products market

In the central and local governments recently introduced the favorable policies for the metal products market demand is mainly reflected in the infrastructure and machinery manufacturing and power grid construction and transformation of the field.

Infrastructure investment policy is good for construction machinery, fastener metal products. After the State Council promulgated the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Urban Infrastructure, the urban infrastructure construction will be accelerated and the production and sales of construction machinery will be significantly increased. The fastener products are indispensable in the manufacture of construction machinery, loaders, cranes, rollers, forklifts, bulldozers and a large number of construction machinery, will consume a large number of various types of fasteners. In addition, Guangdong Province issued "to speed up the construction of the province's major infrastructure work program (2013 ~ 2015)". According to the arrangement of the work program, the future, Guangdong in the highway project construction, will build mileage of 5464 kilometers, a total investment of 722600000000 yuan. At the same time, Guangdong will also accelerate the construction of important infrastructure in the province, especially in the province of the east, west and north of the transport infrastructure will be fully speed.

Power grid construction, transformation policy favorable wire market. Metal wire products, but also a great application areas, the market prospect is very broad. In particular, from the "Air Pollution Control Action Plan" and "on the strengthening of urban infrastructure construction views" to determine the objectives and tasks, the future of wind energy, solar energy, nuclear power will be rapid development, and in power, urban power grid construction, metal wire The amount of the product is very large. Such as, ACSR for the laying of long-distance, high-power transmission lines, are widely used in a variety of voltage levels of overhead transmission and distribution lines. Relevant data show that in 2012 China's steel core aluminum wire rod consumption reached 1.46 million tons, its annual growth rate can be maintained at around 8%. The future of China's power grid construction will enter the national network to achieve a wider range of resources to optimize the allocation of a new stage of power transmission equipment upgrading, large-capacity transmission line construction and transformation, urban and rural power grid further development, making the power grid construction metal wire market prospects are very broad The

Enterprise research and development of new products occupied high-end products market

Since the beginning of this year, a number of related enterprises to actively develop new products, occupation of high-end metal products market, and achieved good results.

For the construction of power grid changes, enterprises produce new wire. A cable manufacturing company for the power grid industry development opportunities, new X-ray machine with nine core composite cable products, the first half of this year to complete the output value of 250 million yuan, an increase of 36.1% .A scientific research units through the use of ultra-high strength steel, Has increased the strength of aluminum clad steel wire to 1770MPa or more, with the alternative conventional ACSR used in infrastructure lines, transformation lines, large cross-line technology and economic advantages. Previously, the scientific research units have successively developed a 10% conductivity aluminum clad steel wire, aluminum clad aluminum core heat-resistant aluminum alloy times the capacity of wire, ultra-high strength aluminum clad steel wire, high strength large elongation aluminum clad steel wire, to meet the Large span, high drop, serious corrosion areas such as the special needs of transmission lines.

Cord steel, wire and other products to the high-end development. Steel has successfully developed a PC steel pile with prestressed steel, LX70A cord steel steadily. Cord steel is mainly used for automotive tire meridian reinforcement skeleton, requiring high strength, good toughness. Production cord with wire rod requirements in the drawing process 100 km broken rate of less than 3 times, for steel cleanliness requirements are extremely high. This year the steel plant started LX70A cord steel development project, the first batch of rolling test volume of 110 tons, rolling specifications for the diameter of 5.5 mm wire rod, has been sent to the user to test pull, the user reflects the good. A successful development of the steel plant ER70S-6B boron-coated steel wire, the first batch of 500 tons of specifications 5.5 mm high standard off the assembly line. It is reported that, ER70S-6B boron-coated steel is a gas-shielded wire steel, the product relative to the ER70S-6 steel has a higher overall performance, is a high-end electrode manufacturing steel, mainly for special equipment and professional welding The There are steel companies for the saponification of wire products, the development of phosphorus saponification process instead of the original annealing + cold drawing process of bearing steel wire, also received good results.

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