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"Made in China 2025" to lead the manufacturing industry from "big" to "strong"

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    "Made in China 2025" will help China to strengthen manufacturing innovation, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, as "high-tech paradise" - the United States "Forbes" magazine, the Spanish "Le Monde" and other overseas media recently commented on China's implementation of the power strategy A decade of action.
Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, is the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation, is the founding of the country, Xingguo of the device, the foundation of power. The "Made in China 2025", which was introduced in 2015, continues to attract the attention of overseas manufacturing experts and public opinion. Experts believe that "Made in China 2025" for the Chinese manufacturing industry development and industrial upgrading pointed out the road and direction.
Innovation to promote industrial upgrading
At present, China is in the economic restructuring and transformation of the critical period, and "Made in China 2025" is to help China's economic restructuring, an important step towards innovation society. "Made in China 2025" pointed out that the structural adjustment should be used as a key link in the construction of power, vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.
"Forbes" magazine website published an article that "China made 2025" that China is promoting innovation, accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading. China needs to innovate in the global development to maintain a competitive advantage, invincible.
      Cai Yuan, a researcher at the Roy Roy Institute of International Studies in Australia, said that China's economy is now in a transitional stage. The advantages of traditional manufacturing are gradually decreasing. The cost of means of production such as water, electricity and land has risen and the cost of labor has been rising. Industry must be upgraded.
In recent years, China's traditional industries and the development of the Internet significantly accelerated to promote the level of intelligent manufacturing continues to improve, a number of core technology and equipment research and development to achieve new breakthroughs for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to provide a powerful driving force.
Cai said that China has a number of industries, including rail transportation equipment, communications, power equipment, etc. have a strong international competitiveness. To the communications industry, for example, Huawei, ZTE as the representative of the Chinese enterprises have a strong market competitiveness, has entered the developed countries market.
Professor John Kau said that China's introduction or reference to some of the technologies or innovations of other countries, after being cultivated in the Chinese market, gave birth to innovation and change, and thus the formation of a worldwide impact, said Professor Xiong Yu, a lecturer at the Newcastle Business School at the University of Northumbria, force.
Target targeting new industries
In the wave of information technology, industrial development is facing many challenges. "Made in China 2025" around the realization of the strategic goal of manufacturing power, clear the nine strategic tasks and priorities in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries at the same time, aimed at a new round of global industry development direction, to promote traditional industries and 3D printing, Intelligent and other emerging industries closely.

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